V for Victory

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Veronica’s Way Mission to Haiti: COMPLETED!

September 2017



Mission to Haiti was a complete Success! Because of Veronica L. Paul’s love and your generous donations, Veronica’s Way was able to donate a total of 29 computers to two schools in Port Au Prince, Haiti and establish official Veronica’s Way Computer Labs (VCL). On September 28, 2017, Veronica’s Way traveled to Haiti with a team of 6 individuals (both Board members and supporters of Veronica’s Way) with one goal in mind: To equip school children with tools to dramatically improve their computer Literacy.


Veronica’s Way Winter is Coming 2017: COMPLETED!

December 2o17


Over 158 families, including children, were provided a warm and tasty 3-course meal, served to them on silk red tablecloths, surrounded by lit votive candles, all while being serenaded by live Christmas Carols.

  • Every child went home with two toys of their choosing.
  • Every child and adult went home with a comforter or blanket to keep them warm.
  • Over 40 people volunteered to make this evening feel as special as possible.


Veronica’s Way Memorial Outdoor Feeding: COMPLETED!

June 2016


On June 18th, 2016, a year after losing Veronica L. Paul her family came together to feed the hungry on a street corner in Brooklyn, NY.  For 30 years, Veronica took her ministry to the streets in the Flatbush and East New York sections of Brooklyn to feed the hungry. It was only right that we went back to those communities to feed the hungry, on the day she was taken from this world. With the support of Munich 777 and the Paul/Lewis/Booker family, we were able to provide hot meals to 200 people that day. In addition, we provided…