War on Hunger

Veronica’s War on Hunger

Veronica L Paul started her “War on Hunger” in Grenada, W.I. some 50 years ago. After giving her life over to God, she used feeding the body and spirit as her ministry. After migrating to the United States, Veronica continued to feed those who were in need throughout different sections of Brooklyn, NY. At each feeding event, she brought a community together including family, neighbors and church members to provide this service of love.

After her passing in 2015, We continued her War on Hunger. Since 2016 we have fed over 60,000 people. By collaborating with various organizations such as Feeding America and Munich777, we are able to provide financial donations and participate in a monthly feeding program.

Veronica’s Way currently hosts two major feedings. In the summer, we host one event called Memorial Feeding. At this event we honor the passing of Veronica Paul by going to the same street corners she fed people on 30+ years ago. Our second major feeding is titled, Winter is Coming. At this event, we create an intimate dining experience by candlelight where families get a restaurant-like experience. In addition to being served and having the selection of menu options, the families also leave the experience with toys for their children and comforters for the cold winter nights.

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