About Us

About Veronica’s Way

Our mission is to enhance and empower the lives of people in the global community by expressing acts of love, through service, in the areas of Ending Hunger, Computer Literacy, and Educational Support.

        My name is Crispin Michael Booker, Founder of Veronica’s Way, a nonprofit organization, 501 c3 organization. Veronica’s Way was created to offer 3 pillars of service to the community: Technological Literacy, Hunger Elimination, and Educational Support. Veronica’s Way is named after and in honor of my beloved grandmother Veronica L. Paul, a retired school teacher from Grenada, West Indies, that dedicated her life to serving the community. Due to severe economic hardships in her home country of Grenada, Veronica developed a committed practice and passion of feeding the homeless. As a result of these experiences, she made it her life mission to provide resources to those in need. When she migrated to the United States in 1979, this passion did not falter. In fact, she used every opportunity and resource that she had to seek support for families in need.  She also made sure to train her family up to always be in the mindset of giving.

Crispin Michael Booker, Founder

Since her passing in 2015, I have made it my duty to ensure that her legacy of giving lives on. In 2016, Veronica’s Way has sponsored monthly events to feed families. We have also accomplished our most recent endeavor which was to donate 38 computers to the school system in Grenada and 4 computers and printers to an after-school program in Brooklyn, NY which was Veronica’s hometown for 36 years. As an IT professional of 10 years, I understand the importance of ensuring technological literacy for students today. Unfortunately, due to a lack of economic resources both locally and abroad in lower-income communities, there is a severe deficiency among youth in basic computer skills. Furthermore, introducing computers into the classrooms will enhance the educational experience for students. Access to a computer and the internet provides them with the opportunity to be exposed to information and ideas that increase their capacity for learning and development. This will allow them to be able to compete in this global and technological society. In order to continue accomplishing this task, however, Veronica’s Way needs your help!

Veronica L. Paul

Veronica L. Paul, also known as Mother Paul and Teacher Lita, was born Veronica Leatha Alexis in Fontenoy, St. George’s Grenada, West Indies on December 4, 1933, to the late Louise Peters and Albert Alexis. She was educated at the St. Louis R.C. Girls School and achieved a scholarship to attend the St. Joseph Convent High School. After leaving school with a Cambridge Certificate, she went on to become a teacher at the Grand Anse Government School.

Coming from a long lineage of Teachers and Headmasters, Veronica stressed the importance of a good education in life and always wanted her children to do better than she did. As an integral part of her spiritual journey, and as instructed by the teachings of Christ Jesus, Veronica made it her duty to feed the poor and the homeless, both in Grenada and in the United States. She undertook many visits to Her Majesty Prison in Grenada, providing service and counsel to the inmates. In everyday life, many sought her ear and advice for her wealth of wisdom and understanding. In everything that she did, she managed to touch many lives with her love and care for others.


During her 30+ years as a resident in New York City, Veronica fed those who were in need throughout different sections of Brooklyn, NY. At each feeding event, she brought a community together including family, neighbors and church members to provide this service of love. As the educator and minister that she was, she also made sure to raise up her grandchildren, the next generation, to understand and be passionate about serving the community with a loving hand and heart. Today, Veronica’s work continues with her grandson Crispin.