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Mission to Jamaica

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Veronica’s Way is a New York-based non-profit committed to addressing Food Scarcity, Academic Support and Technological Literacy in Caribbean communities. Since its establishment in 2016, Veronica’s Way has served over 70,000 meals to families in need, provided 100 computers to schools and other youth-serving organizations and are in preparation to provide 1000 students with materials to enhance their educational experience.
One of our major endeavors includes the establishment of computer labs across the Caribbean; serving a different country each year. Last year, we achieved our goal of providing two schools in Haiti with computer labs that serve over 1500 students in grades 1 through 12. This year we have set our sights on Jamaica, WI and are very excited to provide the parish of Clarendon with 100 computers that will create 4 Veronica’s Computer Labs in local schools and community centers. These labs will potentially serve over 3,000 students and families per year and your support in this effort is greatly appreciated.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that we work collectively to support those who need it most. Get involved, invest and make a difference. Join us as we connect with community leaders to impact lives. I have attached a brochure of our programs and detailed opportunities to donate.

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Crispin Michael Booker
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Mission to Grenada 2019 is a special trip for Veronica’s Way. This will be our third country in three straight years.

We have labs in Haiti, Jamaica, and now we can build labs all throughout Grenada.

This October will be donating 60 computers, Here are our confirmed schools:

Caribbean Coding Academy

St. Martin De Porres R.C.

If you like to nominate a school in Grenada, Please email us at


Thank You to our first Software Champion Sponsor, NYC SandHogs Local 147

Our Projects


Veronica’s primary focus is to set up a computer laboratory in each Caribbean Island. By setting up a laboratory for students they have a space to learn necessary computer skills to aid in furthering their education.


Veronica L Paul started her “War on Hunger” in Grenada, W.I. some 50 years ago. After giving her life over to God, she used feeding the body and spirit as her ministry. After migrating to the United States, Veronica continued to feed those who were in need throughout different sections of Brooklyn, NY. At each feeding event, she brought a community together including family, neighbors and church members to provide this service of love.

Winter is Coming 2017: COMPLETED!

Many of us who are fortunate enough, can recall a moment that made us feel special during the holiday season. Whether it was being surrounded by the ones we love, a warm traditional home-cooked meal, a kiss on the cheek from a loved one, feeling blessed for spending their first Christmas not in or near a hospital, or hearing their favorite song playing while taking in the look on their child’s face as they open their gift from Santa.

During a time where everyone deserves to feel special, no matter our circumstances, Veronica’s Way hosted their second annual event “Winter is Coming;” A candlelight dinner for those families who need it most.

Having a vision of providing a sense of warmth and moments of joy, donations of food, blankets, gloves, hats, and toys for all ages, were collected throughout the month of December.

Over 158 families, including children, were provided a warm and tasty 3-course meal, served to them on silk red tablecloths, surrounded by lit votive candles, all while being serenaded by live Christmas Carols.

Every child went home with two toys of their choosing.

Every child and adult went home with a comforter or blanket to keep them warm.

Over 40 people volunteered to make this evening feel as special as possible.

Veronica’s Way Mission to Haiti: COMPLETED!

Mission to Haiti was a complete Success! Because of Veronica L. Paul’s love and your generous donations, Veronica’s Way was able to donate a total of 29 computers to two schools in Port Au Prince, Haiti and establish official Veronica’s Way Computer Labs (VCL). On September 28, 2017, Veronica’s Way traveled to Haiti with a team of 6 individuals (both Board members and supporters of Veronica’s Way) with one goal in mind: To equip school children with tools to dramatically improve their computer Literacy.

Because we shipped all 29 computers to Haiti, 3 weeks prior to our arrival, when we got to the first school, they were ready to be offloaded and installed. Upon arrival, our solid team of 6 operated like a well-oiled machine to unpack and set up 20 desktops at College St. Martin De Tours, a school with a population of over 1,000 students in grades K-12. This school has been without a computer lab for several years and the school leadership was beyond grateful for this opportunity to restore technological exposure to their students.


Kids experiencing hunger

Out of 1.4 Million, New Yorkers experiencing hunger, 1 in 4  are children.

VCL 5-YR Outlook

The 5-Yr outlook for the VCL Initiative is to start a curriculum of different IT skillsets. The objective is to enroll IT Professionals from all over the U.S. to travel to each VCL site to teach skills including but not limited to coding, networking, and basic troubleshooting skills. Our goal is to provide the youth of the Caribbean an opportunity to learn IT skill sets that will give them an opportunity to give back to their country and be successful citizens.

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